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We are an "instant" culture. Everyday, we are finding ways to get things that we want...faster. However, most of us are not "instant" in the deepest part of who we really are. We can try to fulfill this deeper need instantly, but often that deeper part of us just won't "get with the program". The result is that we end up stressed, driven, anxious and confused...while trying to convince ourselves that we are not.

If we look for instant easy answers to complex and often difficult realities (in human history and in our own individual lives), we will find that there are many organizations, movements and churches that are ready to give them to us. However, in the long run, these same easy answers usually leave us feeling shallow, frustrated and unfulfilled.

St. Peter and Paul seeks to authentically engage the reality of life, while embracing the way, the truth and the life...a person... Jesus Christ. Jesus claims to be the answer to all of life's dilemmas, but how can that be?

Our community is steeped in the historic church, drawing on the rich liturgy and theology of both the Anglican and Lutheran traditions. In keeping with historic Christianity, we affirm the ecumenical creeds, and highly value scripture as God's authoritative word to us. We affirm the importance of physical symbols and art in worship, and seek to warmly encourage a creative, passionate, and intimate embrace of the triune God in our services.

The ancient liturgy, the celebration of the Eucharist (The Lord's Table) and the empowered preaching of God's Word is at the center of our worship. It is only as we are strengthened by our triune God and directed by his voice that we find real hope, joy, and peace.

Peter and Paul is a member of the Diocese of the Mid-Atlantic which is a part of the Anglican Church in North America.


What Kind of Church Are You?

Ancient and Reformational

Being Anglican means that St. Peter & St. Paul takes the best of both worlds from the apostolic and historic church (the church “catholic”), and the Protestant Reformation (especially some of the theology of Martin Luther).

We are catholic, because we build on the shoulders of many who have gone before us, and seek to retain those core things that Christ’s church has “always believed everywhere.” We believe that the church has a responsibility to give people guidance by which to read and honestly listen to the Word of God.

We are Reformational in that we see Scripture as our ultimate authority on all matters related to our faith and salvation. We believe that each person needs reconciliation with the Father only through Jesus Christ. This comes as we put our faith in Jesus Christ, relying on him for our redemption as it is mediated with and by The New Covenant Church that he has established.


While we believe ourselves to be the “one holy catholic and apostolic Church”, we do not believe ourselves to be the only one. We recognize and value a global communion of Christians in our own heritage and beyond, and seek to be a church that benefits from the strengths of various Christian traditions.


Ministry Opportunities

Something for Everyone


Following the service, our time of fellowship is well-attended and appreciated. This casual, low-key gathering provides a time to interact with one another while enjoying some food and drink. Please stop by!

Music Ministry

Our musicians assist us in leading worship with many opportunities for small ensembles to share their musical gifts. We have several resident composers and often have special services to highlight festive times during the Christian Year. Music lessons are also offered for voice, violin, and piano. These lessons are available to members and non-members for a minimal fee.


We offer free pastoral counseling for those seeking help to work through marriage, grief or other personal issues. Any counseling needed that is beyond the training of SP & SP clergy will be referred to those who are more specialized in therapy and/or psychiatry.

Personal/Small Group Discipleship and Support

One-on-one spiritual direction is in progress and is available as needed and desired.  More focused and interactive discipleship groups meet weekly, several times a month, and seasonally. Please click here for our current weekly activities.

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions.



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